TRUD, Pathology


The pathology information standards available for download include:

  • the Pathology Bounded Code List (PBCL)
  • pathology datasets defined in SNOMED CT
  • pathology terminology migration support products
  • the National Medicine Laboratory Catalogue (NLMC)
  • national pathology messaging specifications.

Development products will also be made available and conform to the product development lifecycle.

Items available to subscribers

NHS National Laboratory Medicine Catalogue

The National Laboratory Medicine Catalogue is a catalogue of SNOMED CT coded laboratory medicine test requests intended for use by Pathology services and their users across the NHS and is still under development under the ownership of the Royal College of Pathologists. It should be noted that the status of the National Laboratory Medicine Catalogue is 'Technology Preview' as defined in the UKTC product development lifecycle. This means that trial implementation is encouraged to evaluate utility and safety, and to identify possible design improvements. Full live deployment is not recommended and will be at the users own risk, where such risk is permitted by other governance processes. It is also important to note the catalogue has not been subject to any updates since April 2014. Furthermore, implementations may have to change if and when the product design changes in the light of experience. In the event that the product is found to be only minimally used or useful, or unsafe, then UKTC is under no obligation to continue releasing this product.

Status: Technology Preview

NHS UK Read Pathology Bounded Code List (PBCL)

Important Notice - Information on the withdrawal of Read v2 and CTV3 can be found here

The Pathology Bounded Code List (PBCL) has been developed to provide a defined or bounded subset of Read codes for use in laboratory to GP messaging. Use of the PBCL ensures that there is common understanding by both sending and receiving clinicians of the laboratory investigations performed.

Status: Supported

PBCL Read Code to SNOMED Code Translation Table

A set of map tables translating the Read codes in the PBCL EDIFACT laboratory report message to SNOMED codes to support transmission, reception, storage and retrieval of primary care pathology results.

Status: Technology Preview

SNOMED Antecedent Versions Data Migration

Mapping tables and guidance to enable historical data previously captured using an antecedent legacy version of SNOMED II,3.x International or SNOMED RT to be migrated to SNOMED CT. Expected use cases include but are not limited to histopathology laboratories and their Laboratory Information Management Systems and suppliers, and secondary users of histopathology data including Cancer Registries.

Status: Technology Preview