TRUD, SNOMED CT Derivative Products

SNOMED CT Derivative Products

Definitions for UKTC Products on TRUD

1. Status=Technology Preview

2. Status=Draft for Trial Use

3. Status=Supported Product

4. Status=Legacy Product

5. Status=Deprecated

6. Status=Withdrawn

All the above statuses are all explained in detail in this document

Items in this category

UK SNOMED CT Clinical Edition, RF1 Cross-maps

An identified error with release 24.0.0 is currently being corrected. As soon as the data is available we will notify you by resending a new release email.

SNOMED CT UK release cross maps in SNOMED CT release format 1. This sub pack includes the cross maps to OPCS4.x and the UK approved version of ICD10.

Important Notice - Information on the cessation of SNOMED CT in Release Format 1 and the provision of release files only in Release Format 2 can be found here.

Status: Supported

NHS Data Migration

Important Notice - Information on the withdrawal of Read v2 and CTV3 can be found here

This release pack contains products intended to support the GP Summary Care Record, Systems of Choice and Data Migration programmes. The contents comprises of many:one "forward" crossmaps from the England and Scotland releases of READ2 to CTV3, from READ2 to SNOMED CT, and from CTV3 to SNOMED CT; many:one "backward" crossmaps from CTV3 to READ 2; tables assigning NHS Care Record Elements to all READ2, CTV3 and SNOMED CT codes. These mapping tables are distributed in a non-standard file format, together with supporting documentation. The pack also includes experimental SNOMED CT Navigational Subsets by which simulacra of the READ2 and CTV3 taxonomies may be recreated as views on the full SNOMED CT content.

Status: Supported

UKTC Historical Static Release Documentation

NHS READ and SNOMED CT static release documents. Please note, for current documents please download the relevant terminology release.

Legally restricted patient confidential reference data

Important Notice - Information on the withdrawal of Read v2 and CTV3 can be found here

Part of the Legally Restricted patient confidential data change standard ISB 1572 Sensitive Data.

Includes the updated clinical code lists for In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) across the following terminologies and classifications:

  • 5-byte Read Codes Version 2
  • Clinical Terms Version 3
  • ICD-10
  • OPCS 4

Status: Technology Preview

GP Summary Code Lists

Important Notice - Information on the withdrawal of Read v2 and CTV3 can be found here

GP Summary Inclusion Code Lists contains general practice terminology sets that contribute to the national Summary Care Record (SCR) in England. Content has been created through the SCR programme to support patient safety, care quality and preference in urgent and unscheduled care situations.

GP Summary Exclusion Code Lists contains general practice terminology sets that identify potentially sensitive data that will be excluded from emergency care summary records. The lists have been developed by Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) representatives from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. They are approved by the RCGP Ethics Committee and Joint GP IT Committee and include codes relating to sexually transmitted disease, assisted fertilisation (including in vitro fertilisation), gender reassignment and termination of pregnancy.

The code lists are available in the following terminologies:

  • 5-byte Read Codes Version 2
  • Clinical Terms Version 3

Status: Technology Preview

PBCL Read Code to SNOMED Code Translation Table

A set of map tables translating the Read codes in the PBCL EDIFACT laboratory report message to SNOMED codes to support transmission, reception, storage and retrieval of primary care pathology results.

Status: Technology Preview

QOF Business Rules

This pack contains a sample of the QOF business rules in SNOMED CT along with the associated documentation. These are provided for technical preview only.

SNOMED Antecedent Versions Data Migration

Mapping tables and guidance to enable historical data previously captured using an antecedent legacy version of SNOMED II,3.x International or SNOMED RT to be migrated to SNOMED CT. Expected use cases include but are not limited to histopathology laboratories and their Laboratory Information Management Systems and suppliers, and secondary users of histopathology data including Cancer Registries.

Status: Technology Preview

UKTC SNOMED CT Query Table and History Substitution Table

This pack contains two related derivatives of the UK Edition of SNOMED CT to aid the processing of inactive content within systems and data repositories.

The History Substitution Table provides a single table identifying valid substitutions for concepts that are now inactive, along with some metadata about that substitution; it is computed using the historical relationships within the main SNOMED CT release but presented as a simpler look-up table.

The Query Table is an extension to a normal SNOMED CT transitive closure table, taking into account the History Substitutions Table and other data. It provides a mechanism to achieve optimal data retrieval, regardless of inactive and active concept status in data or query definitions. The Query Table is recommended by UKTC as a mechanism for ensuring inactive content is still returned in searches, and is specifically recommended by the Joint GP IT Committee for use in primary care systems.

Status: Technology Preview