TRUD, SNOMED CT Education and Training Resources

SNOMED CT Education and Training Resources

Data Standards and Products (DS&P) provides a variety of training and educational resources relating to the products it supports.

The downloads in this collection contain a variety of materials covering different aspects of DS&P's work programmes and services. A resource Library is also held within the SNOMED CT NHS Network website. This site is for anyone who wants to know more about SNOMED CT, its implementation, and training aspects of SNOMED CT.

For those wishing to implement SNOMED CT we have developed a series of webinars that walk you through some of the key aspects of SNOMED CT. Pre- recorded versions of these are provided below

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Webinar Series - An Introduction to SNOMED CT

This recorded presentation is an introduction to SNOMED CT and covers SNOMED CT features, examples of use and benefits. It looks at why a single terminology, what a terminology is, some of the features of SNOMED CT and gives some examples of where SNOMED CT is currently used and its benefits.

Webinar Series - Using and Implementing SNOMED CT

The Second in this webinar series is primarily aimed at informatics staff and suppliers, and takes individuals through the details of the files and products associated with SNOMED CT

An Introduction to NHS dm+d and SNOMED CT UK Drug Extension – A series of short webinars:

Introduction to dm+d

Business Services Authority dm+d browser demonstration

dm+d and SNOMED CT UK drug extension on TRUD

Status: Supported

SNOMED CT Beginners eLearning

SNOMED CT e-learning materials. This course is aimed at anyone who will be using applications incorporating SNOMED CT and is designed to provide them with a good basic understanding.

Status: Supported

CliniClue® eLearning

Short demo of how to use the CliniClue Xplore browser to explore SNOMED CT

Notice: The CliniClue® browser and data pack have been provided on TRUD as an open source tool to enable users to browse SNOMED terminology offline using Release format 1 (RF1) data. Following the final International Release in RF1 the external provider has provided notification that there will be no future build of this product.

The October 2016 CliniClue® browser and data pack published on TRUD was the final release; no new future versions of this product will be available.

A Basic Introduction to Clinical Coding

As part of the Clinical Coding Standards Course, all attendees must complete the Theory and Background and Key Definitions modules before attending the classroom based course.

SNOMED CT Recorded Webinar - An Introduction to the release files in Release Format 2 (Technical)

This presentation is aimed at developers and technical implementers. It assumes a basic understanding of SNOMED CT. This webinar gives an overview of the different SNOMED CT UK extensions, walks you through the release files and the different release packs, looks at the content of the Release Format 2 files and highlight aspects of the file specifications, finally it illustrates how you might process these with some SQL scripts.

UKTC Data Migration Workbench Training Materials

UKTC Data Migration Workbench Training Materials.

Webinar Series - Finding Content in SNOMED CT

This webinar takes you through the techniques for successfully searching SNOMED CT for the clinical terms you require. It goes through searching for individual terms, groups of related terms and terms related to a specific speciality as well as simple tips for making your searches successful.