TRUD, Interoperability Framework

Interoperability Framework

The NHS Interoperability Framework is a collection of interoperability products intended for use by care system providers in England.

Interoperability Toolkit

The interoperability products are classified into these categories:

  • architectural specifications for transport and infrastructural requirements
  • domain message specifications for the interoperability payloads
  • reference data to assist in the creation of payloads
  • tools and guidance to assist developers in implementing the specifications and payloads.

The documents are regularly reviewed and the specifications are updated to keep pace with changing needs and requirements.

The Interoperability Toolkit (ITK) section of this framework includes specifications which have been formally adopted into the ITK for Accreditation purposes. More information is available in the Interoperability Toolkit section.

For enquiries please contact the NHS Digital Interoperability team.